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Hail Damage ScoreTM, powered by the AER Benchmark database, assesses the probability — before you write or renew a policy — that previous hailstorms affected a property. Using detailed historical weather data, we calculate the hail risk for every property you consider, letting you determine the true risk.


Between 2008 and 2012, insurers paid more than $32.1 billion on more than 4.5 million claims for hailstorm damage. Despite the high rate of claims, hail damage is often unreported, and some property owners don’t use claims payments to make sufficient repairs. That means the incidence of hail damage may be greater than it seems — and you risk paying for damage that occurred before you issued a policy.

Hail Damage Score uses high-resolution hail, precipitation, and reflectivity radar data, which we analyze using proprietary algorithms from Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER) to pinpoint properties that have likely experienced damaging hail. Hail Damage Score gives you insights to help you take the appropriate risk management actions.

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