360ValueProperty Prefill

360Value® includes the ability to prefill insurance-ready, property-specific information after entering an address into the database. Property Prefill is available for both residential and commercial properties. You can use it for quoting and underwriting, annual renewals, and insurance-to-value analyses. 

Multiple sources of proprietary and third-party data power 360Value Property Prefill, including:

  • a database of millions of residential and commercial properties based on public records
  • ProMetrix®, a database of property-specific building characteristics based on physical building inspections
  • land surface terrain analytics from Verisk Climate to capture property slope and site accessibility 

Residential Prefill
360Value Property Prefill for residential data includes a database of property-specific information on more than 85 million residential properties in the United States. 360Value can identify up to 21 address-specific property characteristics. Insurers have been successfully incorporating this data into their underwriting workflows since 2003.

Commercial Prefill
360Value Property Prefill for commercial data uses a database of property-specific building characteristics based on physical inspections of individual buildings. 360Value can prefill as many as 12 commercial property characteristics, drawing from records on approximately 3.4 million commercial structures in 45 states plus the District of Columbia.

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360Value® now includes property slope and site access data

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