Evolution of homeowners data and analytics

Since the introduction of the modern homeowners policy in 1950, home insurance has employed a high-touch underwriting process using agents, specialized underwriters… more »

Determining replacement costs for older homes

Properties typically cost more to replace than build. In most cases, the older the home, the more it costs to replace… more »

Driving for change: Telematics data offers big challenges — and big opportunities

The auto insurance industry as we know it is going through its third revolution. Following the direct insurance and credit rating revolutions, telematics data is now… more »

Underwriting strategies to reduce hail risk

The property loss landscape has changed, and hail risk is now a larger part of total losses than it has been historically… more »

The Imprecise Use of Claims Information in Underwriting

Getting accurate claims histories has always been an important part of auto insurance underwriting. But traditional loss history databases can’t always deliver… more »

Understanding the risk: New fire protection classes to benefit insurers and communities

Robert Andrews sat down with the editors of Visualize to discuss ISO’s Public Protection Classification (PPC) program, which analyzes the quality of fire protection in thousands of communities… more »

About Our Underwriting Services

We provide underwriting information and services to property and auto insurers, helping them manage risk, reduce policy acquisition costs, improve rate classification integrity, and support their growth and retention strategies. We provide data, analytics, and workflow tools to help insurers at every stage of the underwriting process — point of sale, policy monitoring, renewal, and portfolio analysis. Our risk-assessment services and decision analytics give professionals in many disciplines throughout the property/casualty insurance industry what they need to maximize their competitive advantage.

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