13,000 Insurance Forms and
Endorsements — and Growing

Verisk is constantly developing policy language and rules to meet the needs of insurers. Among the newest offerings are cyber insurance endorsements for the ISO Businessowners Program.


General Liability

Businesses today operate in a world full of hazards, where small accidents can lead to large — and costly — liability claims. We’ve been a leader in general liability, developing the industry standard for forms, rates, and rules and a range of underwriting products and services.

Our Commercial General Liability Program is broad and flexible, with policy language to cover both common and industry-specific risks. In addition to general liability, we offer insurance policies and programs for nontraditional markets and specialty lines, such as employment practices liability, management protection, financial institutions, cyber liability, and crime and fidelity.

To help underwrite policies, Verisk field representatives conduct on-site surveys at businesses around the country, providing insurers with firsthand information about general liability exposures. We provide guides, bulletins, and training for insurers, both online and in person, to help audit general liability premiums. And for those who want to plan and track general liability trends, we offer an index of loss ratio and loss development data for well-defined general liability segments.

We have a product suite for claims adjusters that uses insurers’ claim experience and information from investigations to facilitate consistent settlements across a range of accident scenarios. And we provide Medicare compliance and claims resolution services to help you meet your obligations under state and federal laws — while reducing claim costs and expediting settlements.

Emerging Risks: Cyber Liability

In this interview with Insurance Journal, Shawn Dougherty, assistant vice president of Specialty Commercial Lines at ISO, discusses risks and insurance coverage issues surrounding cyber liabilities.


Products and Services

ISO offers a variety of standard data compilations in machine-readable formats, providing information about the major lines of insurance.
ISOnet® The Information Source for Insurance Professionals ISOnet® brings ISO's vast wealth of insurance information to you over the web. With ISOnet — the information service for insurance professionals — you can easily locate current and historical ISO documents, eliminating the time you'd waste tracking down misplaced or filed copies.…
The reports and analyses provide information about the market for commercial auto, general liability, and other lines, in a format that meets your needs.
General Liability Survey On-site info about liability exposures Verisk's General Liability Survey gives you on-site information about exposure to loss from premises, products, completed operations, and other liability. When you order a General Liability Survey, a Verisk field representative will visit the site to collect underwriting information about bodily injury and property damage liability exposures.…
ISO Data and Statistical Services ISO maintains one of the largest private databases in the world. Each year, insurers send us some 2 billion detailed records of insurance premiums collected and losses paid. At any one time, our computers store more than 10.6 billion records. ISO's professional staff members analyze insurer data and turn it into meaningful information. We use our statistical expertise to serve insurers, regulators, and other organizations…
ISO Passport - Experian Business Financial Reports ISO has allied with Experian Business Information Services to bring you business credit, financial, and public-records information. The data will help you evaluate new and renewal business and make better underwriting decisions. You can use ISO Passport® to order three commercial information reports:…
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