South Carolina uninsured motorists can pay to drive


South Carolina will allow uninsured motorists to operate vehicles in the state if they pay an annual fee of $550, according to Bulletin 2016-11, which the state released on Dec. 20, 2016. The state said it will place collected funds in the Uninsured Motorist Fund and distribute it among insurers writing motor vehicle bodily injury […]

Pennsylvania Plate Readers


Pennsylvania discontinued its practice of issuing license plate registration stickers effective Jan. 1, 2017. To confirm that a motorists ’s vehicle registration is current and properly insured, the state now will rely on license plate-reader technology to scan license plates. The state estimates it will save $2 million in mailing costs and $1 million in […]

Market-leading business intelligence coming to insurers: Q&A with Phanom Dixie


With a career built on analyzing complex industries, Phanom Dixie loves data—and solving business problems. So it’s no wonder she’s very excited to lead a new benchmarking initiative that will benefit ISO ClaimSearch® customers. We asked Phanom to tell us more about this breakout project. Q: How did the benchmarking initiative come about? Phanom: The […]

Smartphone video app enables insureds to collaborate in claims resolutions


There are more smart devices than there are people in the United Kingdom—with 130 per cent penetration. Almost everybody has a smartphone, according to Yahoo’s Flurry. We take more photos with phones than cameras, and we spend more time browsing for personal reasons on smartphones than we do on computers—twice as long, according to a […]

Noteworthy Philip Smikle v Global Logistics decision puts brakes on undisclosed motor hire charges


A recent ruling in Walsall County Court should be welcome news for motor insurers. The case concerned a claimant involved in a motor accident whose claim was initially submitted with no request for an alternative hire but who had, in fact, accrued significant credit hire charges. The decision in Philip Smikle v Global Logistics demonstrates […]

Customers to benefit from unification of claims solutions

Claims handlers are familiar with both ISO Claims Outcome Advisor® (COA™), the top quantum evaluation tool, and Xactware’s claims-handling tools for the property market. But what they may not know is that these industry-leading solutions have been offered by two business units that are part of Verisk Insurance Solutions. Now, customers of both sets of […]