MSVIVS Ramping Up

MSVIVS – OLV Testing In addition to requiring a book of business (BoB) file by the first Tuesday of each month, Mississippi is currently testing the online verification (OLV) portion of the new Mississippi Vehicle Insurance Verification System (MSVIVS). The 6 month pilot program for OLV services is expected to begin once the state reaches […]

What’s next for soft tissue injury claims?

On 17 November 2016, the Ministry of Justice initiated a consultation on proposals aimed at reducing whiplash claims. On 6 January 2017, the consultation for the proposed reforming of soft tissue injury (whiplash) claims ended. Many argued that the time given to provide a response was not sufficient. With the results of the consultation to […]

Telematics holds the potential for improved safety and lower claims

Americans drove a combined 3.1 trillion miles over 12 months through March 2016. With drivers traveling more miles, the potential for accidents increases. The National Safety Council reported that in 2015 “the U.S. had the highest one-year percentage increase in traffic deaths in half a century.” What if insurers didn’t wait until an accident occurred […]

South Carolina uninsured motorists can pay to drive

South Carolina will allow uninsured motorists to operate vehicles in the state if they pay an annual fee of $550, according to Bulletin 2016-11, which the state released on Dec. 20, 2016. The state said it will place collected funds in the Uninsured Motorist Fund and distribute it among insurers writing motor vehicle bodily injury […]

Pennsylvania Plate Readers

Pennsylvania discontinued its practice of issuing license plate registration stickers effective Jan. 1, 2017. To confirm that a motorists ’s vehicle registration is current and properly insured, the state now will rely on license plate-reader technology to scan license plates. The state estimates it will save $2 million in mailing costs and $1 million in […]

Noteworthy Philip Smikle v Global Logistics decision puts brakes on undisclosed motor hire charges

A recent ruling in Walsall County Court should be welcome news for motor insurers. The case concerned a claimant involved in a motor accident whose claim was initially submitted with no request for an alternative hire but who had, in fact, accrued significant credit hire charges. The decision in Philip Smikle v Global Logistics demonstrates […]